Kiteboarding in Kenya? Absolutely awesome! At first, it might not seem like the most obvious choice, but nothing could be further from the truth: the East African coast is a true hotspot for kiteboarding. Not only due to the pleasant temperatures of the Indian Ocean and the great winds but also because kiteboarding is relatively unknown here. So, you won't have to worry about crowded kiteboarding spots, and you'll likely have the entire beach to yourself. Attention, sporty folks! These five places in Kenya are the best kiteboarding spots to embark on your water adventure.

1.Kiting in Kenya: Che Shale

Beginners & Advanced

This beautiful beach is located approximately two hours’ drive north of Mombasa and is a somewhat more high-end kiteboarding destination. They say that the further north you go, the better the wind gets! There are a few kite schools right on the stunning beach, and with few people on the shore, this stretch of the Kenyan coast is all yours to kite. You can rent equipment and take lessons here, making it perfect for beginners and certainly also for advanced kiteboarders. Join the kite community!

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2. Kiting in Kenya: Watamu

Beginners & Advanced

My personal favorite on the Kenyan coast is beautiful Watamu. Watamu is renowned as one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in East Africa! With its clear green-blue waters and stunning coral, it’s easy to see why. But aside from floating underwater and enjoying the scenery, you can also glide gracefully over the water in Watamu. The beautiful flat water provides the perfect surface for kiteboarding. Feeling hungry after an active day at sea? Seek out one of the many Italian restaurants along the coast and treat yourself to a hearty plate of pasta and a delicious glass of wine.

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3. Kiting in Kenya: Diani

Beginners & Advanced

Kenya’s most popular beach! Just an hour’s drive from Mombasa, this white sandy beach with crystal-clear blue waters provides a fantastic spot for kiteboarding. There are plenty of kiteboarding schools where beginners can take lessons or where experienced kiteboarders can rent equipment and embark on their own adventures. Diani is known for its consistent good wind and abundant sunshine – the perfect kiteboarding conditions, of course. At the end of the day, crack open a cold beer and let loose in the evening, dancing your heart out in one of the many cool clubs or cozy bars that Diani has to offer.

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4. Kiting in Kenya: Nyali-Mombasa

Beginners & advanced

This spot just outside Mombasa is highly regarded among locals. While Nyali might not be the most picturesque location compared to others, it’s very relaxed! Moreover, it’s a great place to meet Kenyan kiteboarders and exchange experiences. The flat water makes it a good spot for beginners. So, if you’re looking for some relaxation during a visit to the bustling yet charming Mombasa, rent a kite and take to the water!

5. Kiting in Kenya: Mwazaro


If you head further south from Diani, you’ll reach Mwazaro, which is practically on the Tanzanian border. Mwazaro is the perfect spot for freestylers thanks to the presence of a lagoon. You’ll find small waves, no coral or rocks, and the water is not too deep. Ideal conditions! From there, feel free to continue your journey into Tanzania to explore their coastline with your kite. With a good jump, you might even land on the beaches of Zanzibar!

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