About us

As soon as Charles set foot on the African continent, he fell head over heels in love. With the people, the rugged landscapes, the goats, the beans, and the stars. He started a travel agency to take fellow adventurers on journeys of discovery, far from the 'beaten paths' trampled by tourists. Today, we are a team of passionate Africa enthusiasts, armed with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom, ready to share with you the most inspiring stories and help you turn your African dream into reality.
We believe that authentic travel in Africa connects people and enriches lives.

Our vision on travel

As a travel company based on the continent we love, we are deeply connected to the well-being of the people, the flora, and the fauna. We hold a sense of responsibility for our partners, our travelers, and the planet. By developing experiences in areas where few other travel companies operate, we ensure that the tourism pie is distributed fairly. In addition, we have three major pillars that strive for a positive impact on culture, nature, and the development of local communities and economies. Through carbon compensation, we reduce our ecological footprint. By forming local partnerships, we encourage the sustainable development of communities. We connect cultures and dismantle stereotypes and prejudices by educating customers and partners about respectful travel, behavioural guidelines, and cultural differences.

We listen, share, and connect. A personal connection with the customer and the continent carries the journey from start to finish, from anticipation to endless memories. For an authentic tailor-made experience that enriches lives. And that is something we are more than proud of.

“We are on the ground and together with local partners we are making authentic travel possible by developing new experiences and routes.”

What does that mean for me?

Yes, it’s great that we’re so in love with the continent and that (almost) all the Charlie’s are on the ground and living on the continent for that reason, but what’s in it for you? Well, as far as we’re concerned, that’s pretty clear. We’re always nearby, constantly updated on the latest developments, securing the best deals for you, discovering the most unique places, and we can truly persuade you of our love for Africa. Additionally, practically all our Travel Consultants live in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, or South Africa. This is not only fantastic for you because they know exactly what does or doesn’t suit your dream trip, but they also understand exactly how things work in each country and are always up-to-date with the latest developments. They’re reachable in no time during your trip and can quickly assist you with all your questions.

Okay, in short – African and all the Charlies are knee-deep in love with the continent! The more we explore the African continent, the stronger our love grows. And we’re more than happy to share this love with you! We are the happiest people on Earth when we get to develop more off the beaten track and authentic routes, so that we can offer you personalized and tailor-made journeys. Not only to make you feel the love for Africa but also to involve you in the fair distribution of the tourism pie. We strive to make our trips as ecologically responsible and sustainable as possible, and by travelling with us, you ensure that local businesses can thrive and improve conditions in their communities. So, the money you spend is invested in the country you’re vacationing in. By doing so, you not only make others very happy and contribute to equality, but you’ll also embark on your journey with a fantastic sense of fulfilment.

Our mission is to connect people by offering authentic travel in all African regions by 2030.

Our Brand Values





Taking responsibility and keeping our interactions truly personal is something we strive for every day. It’s not surprising then that these two concepts are not only present in our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) but also in our Brand Values. By now, it’s clear that we have a deep affection for the continent and want to show everyone the breathtaking, authentic Africa. However, that also means we need to care for the continent properly. Not only for its nature and wildlife but also for its inhabitants. We take this responsibility daily. We achieve this by investing in projects such as mangrove forest preservation, fairly compensating our local partners, and helping break down stereotypes. We regularly visit our partners to maintain strong connections and friendships and listen closely to their needs. Through this strong connection with our partners, we’re able to match your needs and desires for your dream trip, allowing us to craft the perfect journey for you with the right experiences. We approach all of this with a huge amount of positivity and passion because we’re truly enamoured with Africa and its people. With this positivity, passion, and sense of responsibility in mind, we’re excited to create a personalized and tailor-made journey just for you!


Back in time for a moment...

When the father of Charlie’s Travels, Charles Witlox, boarded a plane to Kenya for an internship in 2014, a whole new world opened up for him. As a child, Charlie had already become quite familiar with the typical African safari and beach tourism through family vacations. You could say that he had already thoroughly explored these two distinctive African journeys from an early age. But this time, years later, Charlie got to know a completely different side of this beautiful continent. Africa carries many stereotypes, prejudices, and commercial tourism, but fortunately, in 2014, his blinders were swiftly ripped off. In a short period, Charlie fell head over heels in love with the off-the-beaten-path Kenya, stepping away from comfortable beach beds and luxurious safari lodges. He bought a motorcycle and zoomed through East Africa, seeking authentic experiences and forging new friendships. And it was successful: somewhere on the Kenyan savannah, Charlie’s Travels was born. A travel company that places personal customer contact, tailor-made trips, and a strong connection with the continent at its core. Curious about the journey that followed up until now? You can read about it here!

What our travellers say about us:

Why travel with Charlie’s Travels?

We are “On the ground” in africa

The team lives and works all over Africa and therefore has a lot of first-hand knowledge and experience.

We develop our own routes

Wherever Charlie and his team travel, they develop new routes and experiences together with local entrepreneurs.

Every trip is co-creation

We tailor each trip based on your wishes and our African knowledge. Everything is possible and nothing is too crazy! Give us a try?

We work in a responsible and sustainable way

Charlie’s Travels works together with local partners and contributes to CO2 projects to offset environmental pollution.