Eco lodges in Kenya are booming and popular! More and more travelers want to better protect the environment, contribute to local communities and in doing so, also leave as small a footprint as possible. Responsible and sustainable travel: so is Charlie's Travels! Unfortunately, choosing a good eco lodge in Kenya can be quite difficult because many lodges claim the label "eco. So-called ecolodges in Kenya may claim to be green, sustainable and eco-friendly, but they are not always....

Sustainable travel: sleep in an eco-lodge!

When you travel in a sustainable and responsible manner, you contribute to a better world in your own way. This doesn’t always mean that you have an equally comfortable mattress under your bum, but it does mean that you have a nice dream either way because you know that thanks in part to you, the tourism pie is better distributed and not all the money goes to the big hotels, lodges and other big chains. So be sure to visit an ecolodge if you really want to sleep well. By staying at one of these three lodges, you are supporting local communities and doing your part to preserve the environment. So a win win win! Read on quickly…

1. Eco-lodge in Kenya: Sabache camp - sleep with the Masai

Sabache Camp in the Masai Mara is not only a great accommodation, but also a model of sustainability. Run by a local Masai family, this eco-friendly camp strives to protect the environment and promote sustainable tourism.

Sabache Camp’s tents offer comfortable accommodation with private bathrooms and verandas that overlook the vast savannah. But it’s not just the comfort that impresses. The camp uses sustainable building materials such as local wood and bamboo, and uses solar energy as an environmentally friendly source of electricity. Water management is also a priority, with measures to minimize consumption and conserve water resources.

In addition to eco-friendly facilities, Sabache Camp encourages awareness among guests. Recycling and waste segregation are encouraged, and work with local communities and conservation organizations to support conservation. With guided bush walks and game drives with experienced guides, guests can enjoy the beautiful nature of the Masai Mara while experiencing a sustainable stay that respects the local culture.

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2. Eco-lodge in Kenya: Kili Springs camp - Amboseli

Looking for an eco-friendly place to stay that offers you a sustainable and authentic experience? Kili Springs Camp, located in the beautiful Amboseli National Park, is owned by local Masai and meets these criteria. The camp offers not only comfortable accommodations, but also a strong focus on sustainability and conservation.

Kili Springs Camp uses environmentally friendly practices to minimize its impact on the ecosystem. The camp is designed with sustainable building materials and uses solar energy for electricity, reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, water resources are conserved through water conservation techniques and guest awareness.

In addition to the eco aspect, Kili Springs Camp also offers a unique cultural experience. Guests can enjoy local cuisine prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients, and participate in guided hikes with experienced guides to explore Amboseli’s abundant flora and fauna. A visit to the Masai community provides an opportunity to discover the rich culture and traditions of the Masai.

3. Eco-lodge in Kenya: Distant Relatives - Kilifi

Nestled in the beautiful emerald waters of Kilifi Creek, 1.5 hours north of Mombasa, is Distant relatives lodge. A favorite of many of our team members and with us many fellow adventurers from around the world. Distant Relatives is a unique ecolodge and a budget-friendly alternative to all the big resorts and hotels on the Kenyan coast. In this cool and green environment, a sustainable and eco-friendly way of living and traveling is preached… And that’s less annoying than it sounds….

The philosophy of this lodge is to work in nature, rather than letting nature work around them. The lodge has all kinds of different sleeping arrangements; safari tents, bandas and private rooms. Furthermore, there are eco showers heated by solar energy. There’s also an awesome kitchen where you can slurp a nice fresh fish or oysters for a soft price. Distant relatives is beautifully situated on the ocean and is the place for a sundowner with a delicious cold beer or cocktail. In addition, this residence is a good base for all kinds of coastal activities, from snorkeling trips, diving to sailing by dhow. You can also help with a weekly beach clean up; another way to make the world a little cleaner. As a reward, you get a nice cold drink and the fish are eternally grateful!

Distant Relatives


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