An Organised Round Trip To Kenya: What Does It Look Like?

Kenya, how beautiful she is. And what a shame that many people won't see the beauty because they let themselves be guided by stereotypes about the African continent. But you, you don't. You look clearly through that 'prejudice-free' lens and envision a journey to Kenya. Awesome! We warmly welcome you to our homeland and are more than happy to assist you in creating an organised trip to Kenya. Together with you. Curious about how we do that? Keep reading!

How to arrange your own round trip through Kenya

So, you want to go to Kenya. But how do you actually arrange a holiday to Kenya? You probably haven’t been to this country before and may not be sure what to consider. Questions about travel distances in Kenya, the costs of renting a car in Kenya, or what an organised tour to Kenya will cost are quite common. We’re here to assist you in answering these questions and organising your dream trip, without you going on a pre-packaged Kenya tour.

Co-creation: organise your tour of Kenya with Charlie's Travels

We understand that you prefer to put together your holiday entirely on your own and don’t want to go on a ready-made trip where thousands of travellers have already been before you. But we also understand that you want to make that roundtrip to Kenya without any stress. That’s why we’re here to collaboratively create an organized tour to Kenya with you. No ready-made tours and no stress either, but a co-creation with a company that has its team living across the continent, blending all the insider knowledge with your desires and needs. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

What is co-creation exactly? Co-creation means that we put the trip together with you. Your input and our knowledge about Africa results in the perfect tailor-made trip. We give you complete freedom in choosing an itinerary. Naturally, we ensure that it’s realistic 😉

Curious about Kenya?

How own can I make an organised trip at Charlie's Travels?

With us, trips are tailor-made through a collaborative creative effort and completely custom-made. Your organized round trip to Kenya will be designed entirely according to your wishes, as long as it’s feasible. The more we know about your preferences, the better we can cater to your needs! Do you dream of staying in luxury lodges, camping in the wilderness, or experiencing authentic African life during a homestay? Do you want to travel by public transport, have a driver at your disposal, or drive yourself in a 4×4 across the African plains? Are you excited about an active trip, or do you just want to relax on the beach? With us, nothing is too crazy! We aim to make your travel experience unique.

Can you drive yourself in Kenya?

Before you start putting together a tailor-made trip with us, it’s useful to have some inside information about what is possible and not possible in Kenya. If you’re open to a self-drive adventure, it’s important to know if it’s safe to drive in Kenya. The answer is: YES! Kenya is well-suited for self-drive vacations. The roads are generally good. Here and there, there might be a pothole, but with a little singing of Mohombi’s Bumpy Ride…’ you can easily navigate yourself over the Kenyan roads. Keep in mind that you need to have an English-language driver’s licence to drive in Kenya. If you have a Dutch or Belgian passport, it’s best to apply for an international driver’s licence.

A list of 3 driving tips for your self-drive adventure in Kenya

1. Dare to take right of way!

Traffic rules are useful, but here in Kenya, boldness gets you further. Matatu drivers have graduated with honours in tailgating, and the big cars feel like they’re at the top of the food chain. So, always keep an eye on your rearview mirror and dare to take the right of way.

2. Stick to the speed limit

As tempting as it might be to occasionally press the accelerator a bit harder when there are no other road users: DON’T DO IT! There may be unmarked speed bumps or potholes suddenly appearing. They’re not only dangerous for you but also for your car.

3. Drive on the left

This isn’t just a tip, but a must-do. You’ll quickly notice that traffic in Kenya drives on the left side of the road. So, driving on the right isn’t really practical.

Organised trip to Kenya: what is the best period to book?

Another important point to consider is when you want to embark on your round trip to Kenya. First things first: for booking a trip, you can come to us even at the last minute. However, a bit of flexibility is required because we don’t buy experiences and accommodations. With a last-minute booking, there might be a chance that you can’t stay at your favourite lodge simply because there’s no availability. Generally, we recommend booking your organized trip to Kenya at least six months to a year in advance if you want to be sure you can do everything your heart desires.

How long does such a booking process take with you?

A booking process doesn’t have to be lengthy. Generally, the booking process takes about three weeks, depending on your availability for the call and adjustments to your personalised travel plan. The process looks like this:

After your non-binding request for tailor-made travel advice, we aim to respond within an hour. However, please keep in mind a working day to avoid any disappointments. We’ll then send an email with some initial questions to consider, along with an invitation for a call with one of our Travel Consultants. During this call, you can answer the questions, brainstorm with the Travel Consultant, and share more about your dream trip. The Travel Consultant will then send you a completely tailor-made travel plan. This can be fine-tuned until you’re completely satisfied, and the pre-trip excitement has already begun!

Psst… Do you want to know more about the best time to visit Kenya, the vaccinations you need, and our favourite eco-lodges in Kenya? Check out this comprehensive article with more information about a vacation to Kenya.

Responsible and tailor-made: go on a trip with Charlie's Travels

We mentioned it in the introduction of this article: How great it is that you want to take a round-trip to Kenya. When you travel with Charlie’s Travels, you’re not only going on a carefree trip with a tailor-made, organised itinerary, but you’re also travelling as sustainably as possible.

Sustainable travel is a top priority for us. We not only value the preservation of our planet but also the equal treatment of all the people who inhabit it.

Travelling responsibly: the tourism pie is shared fairly at Charlie's Travels

Through our organised trips, we provide a platform for our partners, enabling them to generate a stable income. This way, you can enjoy a unique and responsible journey to Kenya, away from the well-trodden paths and overcrowded tourist hotspots. Furthermore, for every traveller, we donate 10 euros to a project dedicated to our climate, such as JustDiggit.

On the ground and passionate about Africa: We are always around!

At Charlie’s Travels, we are so passionate about the African continent that almost all of our team members are based in different African countries. A significant portion of our team resides in Kenya, for example, while other colleagues call Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa their homes. This means that we are practically always nearby and know exactly what’s going on at the moment you go on holiday to one of these beautiful African countries.

Furthermore, we have an Operations team of colleagues who have grown up in African countries. Thanks to their background, they can quickly and easily communicate with the local people at your travel destination. They are always ready to answer all your questions, whether they are simple or complex, before, during, and after your trip.

So… are you ready to embark on that dream journey to Kenya you’ve always wanted? Then submit an inquiry today!


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