Meet Charlie's Team

“It started out as a one man show but it's long gone from that! There is a veritable travel organisation behind it all: an army of Travel Consultants who help you put together a trip, an Operations Team who book and organise the trips, Team Finance keeping track (not off the beaten track!) of all records, passionate storytellers who create stories about Africa and share it on the website and our social media channels... And of course all the support staff who keep the office hubs running! We join hands with our entire team to make your dream trip come true.”

– Charlie

Charles Witlox

Founder, Father & Face

“Oops! A hobby that got out of hand 😉 It started by showing friends and family my life here in Africa and soon the rest of the world got wind of it: they wanted to experience the real Africa too! Our family of Africa lovers is growing, there are team members spread across this colourful continent.”

THANKS to everyone for making Charles dreams come true!

19-06-1989 / 29-12-2022

Our Travel Consultants

Sjoerd Logcher

Lustrum Travel Consultant in Uganda

After spending many hours in the UB organising trips for my year club, committees and house, this boy – fresh from the student press – has fallen in love with the continent of Africa! Meanwhile, the UB has been traded in for the villa and here I am turning things upside down with my enthusiasm for lustrum trips… GOTTA LOVE AFRICA!

Anna Biesheuvel

Travel Consultant in Southern-Africa

“You can leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you”, and that is so true! After returning to the Netherlands in 2008 after 6 months in Zambia, I was immediately planning the next trip. A second trip followed in 2010 A third trip followed in 2015. Actually planned for 8-9 months, but this one got out of hand. Here I am now – many years later – sitting on a beautiful beach in South Africa! Happy as one can be!

Stephanie Kouwenhoven

Travel Consultant in Southern-Africa

In early 2017, I took a road trip from the Netherlands to Cape Town via the west coast of Africa, all in a 1985 Land Rover Defender. Any route in this car would have been adventurous enough on its own, but I chose Africa! I often drove dusty, because no air conditioning so ARKO (all windows open), over the most beautiful routes, past the most impressive places, including special encounters with people and animals. By now I am also familiar with beautiful Kenya. I live in Zeeland, but I seize any excuse to travel back to Kenya or any other country on the African continent.

Lys van der Zeeuw

Travel Consultant in Kenya and Tanzania

Despite loving cheese and liquorice, I moved to Kenya permanently in 2021. My first visit to this country was in 2018, where I immediately fell in love with the country and its people. You’ll see me happiest when I’m cruising around on a motorbike, visiting local spots and exploring Africa’s most beautiful hidden gems. For instance, I travelled to Tanzania in 2022 and this is one of the most beautiful gems of the African continent as far as I am concerned. I am busy learning Swahili so that I can find my way here even better in the near future.

Emiel Kusters

Travel Consultant in Southern-Africa

Drawn to the continent partly by African reggae tunes, I love chilling out in our Villa with my djembe or guitar. Afriki Muziki gives positive vibes and energy, the perfect ingredients for (organising) an adventurous trip! After living in Nairobi for almost two years, it was time for my ultimate adventure: travelling from Kampala to Cape Town overland in six months. My roadtrip love was sparked and I am currently travelling and living in a camper van in southern Europe. Freedom = Happiness!

Susi Wünsch

Travel Consultant Germany

In 1999, Namibia was the first African country I visited. For six months, I worked as a local guide in the Namib Desert. Boring, you might think, what is there to see? Much more than you can imagine! From there, I traveled for a month in a converted car through Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania to Kenya. The plan was to give it a try for a year… 23 years later 😉 and I still happily reside in this vibrant, exciting, and intense country.

Riekus Beldman

Travel Consultant in Kenya

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Karin van Laar

Travel Consultant in Kenya

My love for Africa started early. Even as a small child, I was infected with the Africa virus through all my parents’ great travel stories. So when I was 16, I immediately packed my bags for a first trip to the African continent. I visited Uganda and immediately knew: I have to go back to Africa! Two years later I went to Kenya and now six years later I live in bustling Nairobi.

Kathleen Umbdenstock

Lustrum Travel Consultant in Kenya

After living in South Africa for six months, I was certain: I’m coming back here! Even when I was busy mapping out beautiful routes for travelers, I noticed that my heart beat faster when those routes traversed the African continent. So, I finally made the decision, packed my bags, and boarded a flight to Kenya! The coolest part is that now I can go on expeditions myself and truly share the most beautiful experiences.

Suzan Beek

Travel Consultant in Kenya

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Andrea Wien

Lustrum Travel Consultant

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Our Smooth Operators

Sebastien Vandelannoitte

Head of Operations

I moved to this beautiful continent when I was 18. Since then, I have loved nothing more than showing others my second home. Together with the Kenyan and Ugandan operations team, we do everything possible to make your trip run smoothly.

Ruth Tenshi

Senior Operations Specialist

I love reggae “Irie and Mellow”, the color yellow (that’s the Kamba in me), am a traveljunkie and an enormous bookworm. Charlie’s Travels is a different kind of company with a different view on travel in Africa. Adventure. Here I can use the skills that I have but also learn new things about myself when out of my comfortzone.

Lauren Nortier

Operations Specialist

I will introduce myself to you soon!


Gladys Kimani

Operations Specialist

When I’m not arranging trips for clients, I arrange them for myself! I’m particularly fond of road trips, mountain climbing, and hiking. Charlie’s Travels fulfills my passion as a travel enthusiast. Long live Charlie’s Travels!

Brenda Luande

Operations Specialist

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”. That quote defines me! I can say that am a traveler still on a long journey and I still can’t guess my next destination. I love diversity and learning from new experiences and Charlie’s is one of the kind!

Ben Wanjohi

Operations Specialist

If I was to be renamed then Travel would be my other name. There is this thrill that comes with traveling to new places, meeting new people, learning different cultures — Africa got loads of this! But there is even a higher thrill, that of planning the trip details for other people and seeing the smile on their faces after fantastic experiences. And that’s exactly what I do at Charlies Travels!

Nick Scheltema

Operations Specialist

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Pollina Bariti

Operations Specialist

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Emmanuel Lyimo

Operations Specialist

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Our Marketers

linde van loenen charlie's travels

Linde van Loenen

Head of Marketing

A 3-month journey across eight African countries in 2020: from Nairobi to Cape Town. I fell in love with Africa. Two years later, an engagement in Lamu (Kenya) followed and I started as Head of Marketing to convince everyone to come and visit this continent, off the beaten track of course with Charlie’s Travels. An ideal mix of: Digital, Content, Travel, Growth and Enjoyment.

Flavia van Tilburg

Web Specialist

Gilbert Asuga


It’s Crazy cool to see how fun can be created from places which are ”not so cool” places (off the beaten track), so I can say am proud to be part of the team that makes all these possible for the clients. As I work behind to contribute to the overall best experience of the client, am also making sure I am part of the fun! and Charlies Travels wouldn’t be any better!

Camiel Landheer


Travelling is in my blood. From hitchhiking in Kazakhstan to Japan, it can’t get crazy enough for me. As a nerd, I am also always into computers and marketing-related activities. So when I heard of a job opportunity at Charlies that mixed travelling and marketing I grabbed my toothbrush and got on a plane.

Niels Tulleneers


After my first visit to Kenya in 2016, I already knew: this is where I want to be! 5 years and 6 visits later, the time had finally come: I moved to Kenya. Now I live and work in the villa in Nairobi to show everyone how beautiful Kenya (and the other countries) really are.

Daniel Kung'u

Data geek

Experiencing different cultures, new spaces and vibe, not forgetting the rhythms and dances of different African communities, is what I love the most. With Charlies Travels I get to have customized blend of all these experiences.

Melissa Vermeulen

Photo- and videographer

In early 2023, I embarked on a remarkable journey to Mozambique and South Africa. This expedition ignited my love for the continent, and without hesitation, I applied for the role of new filmmaker at Charlie’s Travels. In October 2023, I moved to Kenya, where I can combine my passion for travel, filmmaking and photography. With a background in Cultural Anthropology, I’ve always held a deep curiosity for people, their stories, diverse cultures, and new perspectives. I’m looking forward to exploring more of this amazing continent and capturing its beauty.



I will introduce myself to you soon!

Silke Botteldoorn

Contact Person

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Our Product Experts

Milou van Dinther

Head of Product

During my first visit to South Africa in 2012, it was immediately clear: This is where I belong! From that moment on, I returned almost annually to further explore Southern Africa. My real African adventure began with an internship at a local start-up in Cape Town, where I showed travelers the city in a unique way during day trips. When I got the opportunity to work at Charlie’s Travels, I was on a plane to Nairobi just two weeks later. From here, I design and organize trips through Southern Africa and gain more (travel) experience in East Africa. Later this year, I will be moving to the city where my heart lies: Cape Town!

Fredrick Owuor

Product Expert

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Erick Ojungo

Product Expert

I will introduce myself to you soon!

Our Office Queen

Faith Maurice

HR Office Manager

I am a passionate people person and a connoisseur of culture and diversity, defining the interior design of ‘ME.’ Working and immersing myself in various cultures provides the nourishment that fuels my enthusiasm for collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. At Charlie’s Travels, I found my calling. Strategically managing the workforce ignites my energy, and my sanctuary is always delving into the study and research of human relationships. My core essence is deeply rooted in forging meaningful connections.

Our Lifesavers

Ruth Aponga


When I heard Charlie’s Travels was looking for a chef cook, I couldn’t stay away: here I am! It’s amazing to get in touch with different cultures and every day we learn a lot from each other. Of course, sometimes I have to be strict when one of the team members sneakily picks an extra sausage. Too bad you can never beat the immodesty out of the Dutch, not even with a pan!



The secret to staying young is to get out of bed happy every morning! Now I work as a gardener at Charlie’s Travels, and I’m happy to have made so many new friends. I want to keep working here for a long time, so I can save up and someday start my own company!


Housekeeper & Motherfigure

When I first came to work in the villa, it was mostly to take care of the house and Charlie. I became Mama Africa because the more team members came to the Villa, the more kids I got to take care of. They are all my children. Thank god!


Askari & Yes-man

I arrived here in early 2020 and worked for my previous company as an askari, with Charlie’s Travels as our client. In 2023, I became a member of the Charlie’s Travels team, now taking on a broader role, managing the area, and preparing camping gear for the trips. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this amazing group and can say that I truly love my job!

Our Unstoppable Ceo

Coert Prins

Coert Prins

General Manager

Create your own adventure: With my wife and children in the car for a camping trip, riding through the wild landscape on my motorbike, hiking on the most beautiful trails or spotting animals while cycling: Kenya has so much beauty to offer. Let alone the rest of the African continent. Together with the whole team, I want to develop the best authentic experiences, grow Charlie’s Travel and create as much Happiness as possible for our clients and colleagues.