Bush to Beach

A true immersion in diversity! Starting in Nairobi, you'll explore the most beautiful places and get to know the culture of Kenya. Take a road trip through the Rift Valley to Naivasha, where you bike and sail among wildlife, and go on safari in the Masai Mara to spot the Big 5. After a green hike through the Taita Hills, it's time to recover and relax in cozy Watamu.

About this trip:

  • 16 days – 8 locations
  • €2900 p.p. excluding airfare
  • Kenya
  • Full Board = all meals included

Departure dates:

  • Feb. 15, 2024
  • March 14, 2024
  • October 17, 2024

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Spot 5

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Hi: I'm Naidu, 37 years old and live in Amsterdam with my fluffy cat. I work for a startup (so nice and cliché). I play several sports and like to go to new restaurants/museums/performances and occasionally dance. I'm always up for new adventures. I am mega excited to tackle the Kenya adventure together.

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The Bush to Beach day program

Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi

Everything ready for your Kenya trip? Head to the airport on time, choose a fun movie during your flight, and get ready for a warm welcome in Nairobi. This bustling city is the starting point of your Kenyan adventure and is eager to welcome you. With a bit of luck, you’ll fly together with your fellow travellers, and you can already get to know each other. You will all arrive in this beautiful city throughout the day, and a driver will be there to greet you with a sign.



Travel Day

Nairobi Skyline

Day 2: Explore Nairobi

Wander through the dusty streets of downtown Nairobi with former street children Kissmart, Donga, and Cheddaz. These three ‘street kids’ share their street skills with the group during a tour of the CBD! Thanks to this tour, the boys can create a better life for themselves, their families, and the new generation of street children from their slum. The boys will show you where they slept as children, the escape routes from the police, and tell you everything about the time they spent in prison. Get ready for a lot of intense stories, bizarre encounters, many high fives, cool dance moves, and above all, a lot of fun with the guys. And don’t worry, with these guys around, you’re definitely safe!

Half Board


Nairobi City Tour

Nai Nami

Day 3-4: Lake Naivasha and Hell's Gate

Descend into the Rift Valley and drive among the yellow-gold acacia trees as if you were in an eternal sunset. In the afternoon, a sunset boat safari is scheduled on nearby Lake Naivasha. On the banks is all kinds of wildlife: giraffes, waterbucks, zebras, buffaloes, wildebeest,…. Don’t forget to bring the coolers and purchased snacks on board and then: Spot it!

Make sure you have a hearty breakfast the next morning, because an active day is scheduled: Cycling through Hell’s Gate National Park! Does the unique landscape look familiar to you? Remember when Mufasa was overrun by wildebeests being chased by hyenas in the Lion King? This place was the inspiration! During the bike ride, you will spot giraffes, gazelles, buffalo, boars and more. After this adventurous morning, you will have lunch with giraffes at the Sanctuary Farm.

Full Board

Camp Carnellys

Bicycle and boat safari

Lake Naivasha, zwemmende mensen

Day 5-6: Masai Mara

The Masai Mara. Needs no introduction. The extension of the Serengeti – or vice versa, the backdrop for the Great Migration, and endless plains for the ultimate safari experience. The animals are most active in the morning when the savannah is still cool. So, you might be greeted by some big cats. Have you heard of the BBC series Big Cat Diary? It was filmed here! So, there’s a good chance you’ll see a lion or cheetah strolling by. Leopards also make appearances, lounging in a tree or strolling along the road. TIP: Make sure to arrange a packed lunch at the camp the day before so you don’t have to go back, giving you a bit more time. You can then enjoy it by the Mara River.

Full Board

Camping site


Day 7: Mount Suswa

Time for Masai culture. Milking cows, counting goats, and fetching water are daily activities where you might be able to help. Food is included, but it’s good to know that the Masai are not the best chefs… so don’t have too high expectations for the food, although it is prepared with love for you. You won’t be bored around Mt. Suswa. You can zoom around between the inner and outer crater on a motorcycle and unleash the spelunker in you in one of the rocks. However, the highlight is the hike to the top! This hike takes about 5-6 hours. Masai will accompany you, so along the way, you can ask them anything about the area and their daily lives.

Full Board


Suswa Hike

Day 8: Ngong

In the morning, you have another safari, and then you drive back towards Nairobi. This time, you won’t stay in Nairobi itself but in the backyard of the city: Ngong! Here, you have beautiful tea fields, green hills, and small villages. In the afternoon, you’ll have lunch at a local farm, and at the end of the day, you’ll stay in a relaxing accommodation.

Full Board

Ol Talet

Mlango Farm


Day 9-10 Taita Hills

Today, you’ll take the train to the Taita Hills. This train departs early in the morning and arrives in the beautiful Taita Hills in the afternoon, where the green hills will amaze you! Today, you’ll explore this hidden gem with our friend Habel. You’ll walk through the small village with him, and then it’s time for the sunset. Beautiful!
On day 2 in the Taita Hills, you’ll really explore the mountains – on the back of a boda (motorbike). Snuggle up to your driver and enjoy everything around you. No worries, the drivers know exactly what they’re doing and are used to carrying people on the back (even with children). You’ll climb the last peak on foot. It’s a bit challenging, but the view is more than worth it. With a bit of luck, you might even see Mount Kilimanjaro. Stop along the way for a drink and toast to the magnificent view.

Full Board

Taita Rocks Hotel

Sundowner, hike, homestay

Day 11: Mombasa

Alright, you guys deserve a “vacation” after all these off-the-beaten-track adventures now! The Kenyan coast is a tropical paradise where the weather is beautiful almost all year round. Just a few hours’ drive from Taita Hills is the warm city of Mombasa. You’re going to explore Mombasa! Mombasa is full of history, culture, colours, and scents. Mombasa is described in many ways, but believe us when we say that this city has an irresistible charm. A melting pot of cultural influences, funky streets, and chill coastal vibes, including tropical sun.

Breakfast + dinner

CityBlue Creekside Hotel

Street food tour


Day 12: Mombasa-Watamu

During a beautiful ride along the Kenyan coastline, heading inland, you’ll see thousands of palm trees and baobabs on your left and the blue horizon above the ocean on your right. What more could one ask for! The biggest adventure is over! Now you can relax on the beach for a few days. You’ll be staying in a private villa near the beach, complete with a pool.

No meals

Private villa


Day 13-15: Watamu

Watamu: an idyllic fishing village often referred to as the Little Italy of Kenya! The Watamu Marine Park is considered one of the best snorkelling and diving areas in East Africa. Besides being the perfect spot for snorkelling, this village is also the place to be for delicious Italian food. The local population includes many Italians, and you might even hear Kenyans speaking with an Italian accent. At the end of the day, you’ll take a boat trip along the mangroves and conclude the day with fresh crab at the Crab Shack.

No meals

Private villa

Boat ride

Day 16: Departure

Everything comes to an end, including this beautiful adventure through Kenya. Fully rejuvenated, you pack your bags to board the plane back home. With a healthy glow on your cheeks, you step into the plane. After bidding farewell to the group, you’re back in the cozy Netherlands. You have plenty of stories to share by the fire with family and friends. Welcome home! An adventure concludes, but with a wealth of new experiences.


What does a group tour with Charlie's Travels look like?

Responsible travel

A local guide is present who can tell you everything about the surroundings and the culture. He will accompany you throughout the entire journey and can assist where necessary. We have deliberately chosen a local guide so that you can experience the real African experience and engage in authentic encounters.

Varied meals

Throughout the entire journey (except in Nairobi & on the coast), a chef will accompany you to cook for you. So, the food is included on the last evenings on the coast (breakfast is always included). The food is a mix of local and Western meals, allowing you to discover new things while also enjoying familiar dishes.

Customized service

The costs for the activities that you absolutely shouldn’t miss are all included in the price. Only on the coast, you have a choice of different activities, which are not included, but we will assist you if you want to do these activities. Maybe you just want to relax on the beach 🙂


We are ''on the ground''

We are present on the ground and know the country inside out. If there’s anything, we’ll immediately come to your aid. Think of contacts with a Dutch doctor, good hospitals, or a tip for a top restaurant to end the evening.

I want to go on a group trip!

After completing the form, we will contact you to send you the airfare and personalized itinerary, among other things. This email also contains a link to schedule a call if there are any questions. After this, you can make an official reservation.