Group Travels Through Kenya

  • 26 September 2024
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Price starting from €2,700 per person – excluding flight ticket
  • Flight ticket cost: starting from €800 per person.

New: go on a group trip to Kenya with Charlie's Travels

Do you want to explore Africa and does the idea of traveling with fellow adventurers appeal to you? Say no more! Because it can be challenging for solo travelers to visit the African continent, we’ve come up with something: solo group trips! These adventurous journeys are suitable for anyone who loves adventure, culture, safaris, and local encounters. Hikes, spotting animals during a game drive, and relaxing on the idyllic Kenyan coast; the itinerary is well-balanced. This way, you’ll have plenty of time for yourself and your potential travel companions, as well as many beautiful moments to share with your new best friends. Enjoy a fully taken care of adventure, broaden your horizons, avoid the tourist show, and learn from other cultures. Get ready for a unifying adventure you’ll never forget. You can find all our group trips below.

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Group Trip - Charlie's: Off-Beat Adventure

  • 14 days – 7 locations
  • 26 September 2024
  • €2700,- per person excluding flight tickets
  • Kenya
  • View the trip here

Price Details


  • A friendly tour leader for the entire trip!
  • All accommodations (double or triple rooms).
  • All activities described in the program (okay, a few are optional so you can have some relaxation too).
  • Park and conservancy fees.
    Approximately 75% of the meals (you can read more about this in the program).
  • All camping gear to make your camping experience complete.
  • Transportation and a very pleasant driver during the trip 😉
  • VVOR Guarantee Measure
  • AMREF air evacuation

Not Included:

  • Flights: starting from 800 euros
  • Tips (we provide instructions on how to tip respectfully)
  • Some optional activities – don’t worry, we don’t engage in hidden fees or upselling!
  • Personal expenses & drinks

What travelers say about us:

The coolest experience of all my travels!

The coolest experience of all my trips so far! We were able to customize the program completely to our liking with the advice of Charlie’s of course. We went to places in Kenya where you would never go as a “normal tourist”. Got to know the hospitable people and saw more than we ever expected. Our guidance was absolutely top-notch. Fun, nice people who made for a top notch experience. Also nice to hear that they are also very happy with Charlie’s and see it as a very good employer. Highly recommended for unforgettable trips to Africa. We will definitely go on another trip with Charlie’s!

Joost, Stijn & Hidde


Discover Kenya together!

Why travel with Charlie’s Travels?

We are “On the ground” in africa

The team lives and works all over Africa and therefore has a lot of first-hand knowledge and experience.

We develop our own routes

Wherever Charlie and his team travel, they develop new routes and experiences together with local entrepreneurs.

Every trip is co-creation

We tailor each trip based on your wishes and our African knowledge. Everything is possible and nothing is too crazy! Give us a try?

We work in a responsible and sustainable way

Charlie’s Travels works together with local partners and contributes to CO2 projects to offset environmental pollution.

Frequently asked questions

This varies per trip. We prefer to keep the groups small so that we can continue offering our unique experiences. The Bush to Beach trip has a maximum group size of 16 people. The minimum group size for this trip is 12 people. Charlie’s Adventure has a maximum of 6 people.

You’ll be traveling with other solo travelers. It’s possible to join the trip from the age of 20. Of course, we’ll assess the registrations and provide information about the group composition so that you’ll be going on the trip with like-minded people.

Binding remains a complex concept. Naturally, we aim to proceed with the trips as currently scheduled, but we do require a minimum of 12 registrations for this to happen. Once we reach this number, we have a departure guarantee. If there isn’t a departure guarantee yet, it’s advisable to still book the trip via the booking form, as this secures your spot. Once the twelfth person registers, we’ll notify you that the trip is officially booked. In the event that it’s not feasible to go on the trip at all, we’ll collaborate to find the best solution. This might not necessarily be in a group setting but on an individual basis. An advantage is that we can tailor everything, so there are always possibilities to proceed with the trip.

Yes, this is possible. You can sign up through the booking link provided by the travel consultant after completing the inquiry form. By confirming your registration, your spot will be reserved until the end of March, provided that the trip doesn’t reach the minimum number of participants earlier. Once we have 12 registrations, we will notify you, and you can either confirm the trip 100% or cancel without any cost.

No, we don’t book the flight tickets ourselves. However, we collaborate with an organization that can book the tickets for you. The advantage of this organization is that they can hold the tickets for a certain period. This way, you’re not fully committed to the tickets before confirming the trip with us.

We provide this information once you express interest in one of the trips. Some accommodations depend on the group size. You can expect to stay in small-scale accommodations that are, whenever possible, operated by the local community.

Our trips are fully organized from A to Z, so almost all activities are included. Of course, we understand that you might want some alone time occasionally, so very rarely, for the sake of freedom, we have a few activities as optional. Activities that we believe are essential for the best travel experience (which is almost everything!😉) are all included!

Where possible, meals are included. We always have a chef with us who prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you. Especially in remote places, everything is taken care of. In Nairobi and along the coast, there are fewer meals included, but it’s also incredibly enjoyable to explore the city or villages and discover all the delightful restaurants.

We intentionally do not opt for a Dutch tour guide. This is because we want to create employment opportunities and avoid unnecessary air travel for individuals. Additionally, local guides have a much better understanding of the country and its culture. We do select guides with extensive experience in guiding Europeans. Only the Bush to Beach trip has a tour guide accompanying. Charlie’s Adventure has tour guides on the ground.

More information about our cancellation policies can be found hier 

Certainly, you are insured against any potential bankruptcy of Charlie’s Travels. We collaborate with the “Stichting Veilig Verzekerd Op Reis” (Foundation Securely Insured for Travel). You can find more information about this on this page

How much should we give? It’s a tricky question. We’ve been here for a while and have enough experience, so we’re more than happy to assist you. Before you embark on the trip, you’ll receive a document with guidelines. It’s good to know what’s customary so that both you and the recipient don’t feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. We’d like to emphasize that we provide our staff and partners with very fair salaries and they are not dependent on tips. However, in the hospitality industry (especially in many parts of Africa), it’s quite common to give a tip if the service is good. Want to learn more about tipping? Check out this article

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