Sustainable travel in Africa: Meet the local partners of Charlie's Travels!

We have a special connection with Africa, and our secret weapon is our amazing partners. In this article, we introduce you to some of these fearless adventurers who make up the heart of our organisation. From dormant volcanoes to breathtaking hills, each of our partners brings their unique expertise and passion for their homeland. Together, we create unforgettable experiences and are committed to sustainable tourism, which directly benefits local communities.

Our partners: the beating heart of Charlie's Travels

Like you may have heard somewhere, a significant part of our team is based on African ground. We are on the ground, and while we welcome everyone with open arms, there’s one person who isn’t welcome. Who’s that? The middleman! Why? Because that guy just swallows up money that could have gone directly to the local population! As residents of this beautiful continent, we can connect directly with our amazing partners and ensure that the money goes where it belongs.

Our partners are the beating heart of our organisation. They are the ones who drive you around, guide you, and introduce you to their families and friends. We don’t just aim to collaborate; we’re also building a real business with our partners. We provide them with training so they know what to expect, and we even assist them in registering and financing their own businesses. This way, they aren’t solely dependent on our clients but can truly engage in sustainable entrepreneurship.

Meet some of our partners digitally!

Before you embark on your journey to Africa, we’d like to introduce you to some of our incredible partners. They are eager to welcome you and share the most unforgettable adventures together!

Meet Daniel: Our partner in Mount Suswa

Meet Daniel! Our partner in Mount Suswa, a dormant volcano in the Great Rift Valley. Daniel is 23 years old and was born and raised in the Mount Suswa area, where he lives with the rest of his Masai family. And that family is large: his father has three wives, each with a whopping 10 children. It’s a lively bunch over there. Daniel is excited to welcome you to his home and is thrilled to show you the off the beaten track Mount Suswa. Want to know more about Daniel? Check out his video!

Meet Robert: Our partner in Loita Hills

Our partner Robert is a true Masai, and he has lived his whole life in the Loita Hills. According to him, there’s no one who loves this place as much as he does, which is why he’s the ideal person to make your trip to the Loita Hills perfect. Robert has been our partner for several years now and thoroughly enjoys guiding our travellers and sharing his passion for this area. Find out more about Robert here!

Meet Habel: Our partner in Taita Hills

Meet Habel, the cheerful adventurer from the breathtaking Taita Hills. As a proud member of the Taita-Taveta tribe, he crossed paths with Charles during a spontaneous journey into the unknown. Habel ensures that our customers have a fantastic time with his motorcycle rides through the area, village walks, magical sundowners, and unforgettable hike to Mount Vuria, the highest peak in the Taita Hills. Habel is married to a wonderful woman and the father of some amazing children. Like Mama Rose, he also offers homestays, providing you with an authentic local experience. This charming and caring man goes the extra mile to get you to the top of the mountain. He never gets tired of the enchanting sunsets and breathtaking views in this area. Feel free to ask him anything; he’s always ready with a smile!

Meet Elisante: Our partner in Materuni

Meet our partner, Elisante! A cheerful Chaga man and a true family hero. He embodies the spirit of Materuni, renowned for its stunning Materuni Waterfall. Elisante is incredibly welcoming, embracing everyone with open arms, and is a genuine entrepreneur. At his mother’s home, you can savor a delightful local lunch and uncover the secrets of authentic coffee preparation. It’s also worth noting that Elisante is dedicated to anyone eager to learn more about tourism, regardless of their level of education. Meeting Elisante is synonymous with a true Tanzanian immersion!

Meet Mama Baraka: Our partner in Mto wa Mbu

Mama Baraka is the sweetest mother in all of Tanzania. She takes care of everyone she meets and will always try to assist you. Thanks to Mama Baraka, our travelers have been warmly welcomed into her family several times. It’s remarkable to see how much she enjoys hosting Charlie’s customers and how much she has grown during this time. In the beginning, communication was a real hands-and-feet affair, and now you can have a good chat with her!

Meet Noah: Our partner in Uganda

Meet Noah! As the director of Uganda Crater Lakes Tours, located near Kibale National Park, his journey as a guide began in his childhood. From eagerly greeting mzungus (people with light skin) to studying tourism and hotel management, he was fully committed. Despite the hurdles along the way, he remained determined to pursue his dream: Uganda Crater Lakes Tours was born in 2016. With dedication and a hefty dose of innovation, he soared to great heights, earning accolades such as TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. Today, his business thrives, showcasing the beauty of Fort Portal.

The company provides employment to local guides, servers, drivers, and directly sources from farmers. Together with development partners, they support 50 vulnerable children since January 2024, including orphans, disabled children, and those cared for by parents with HIV. Absolutely a commitment to a better community!

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