Economically responsible travel: go on a sustainable adventure in Africa

Discover sustainable travel in Africa and make a positive impact! Avoid mass tourism, choose unique experiences and eco-friendly accommodations. Learn how our travel company supports local communities and go on a responsible adventure. After reading and following the following tips, you'll really know how to travel in style!

3 pillars of sustainable travel


Economically responsible travel: what does that look like?

When it comes to sustainable travel, economically responsible behaviour is an absolute game-changer! But what does that really mean? Let’s say you have your eye on an adventure in Africa – excellent choice! But let’s be honest, it’s not a given that your hard-earned money goes directly to the local population. Unfortunately, many safaris in Africa leave only a little amount for the local economy. The owners of many accommodations and transportation organisations are often foreigners. Well, there goes your bucks; straight across the border instead of giving a boost to the local economy.

Mass tourism: a hot topic

Mass tourism is indeed a topic we can’t ignore. Of course, tourism can have a tremendously positive impact on African countries. The local population has the opportunity to benefit from all those visitors. But we must also keep an eye on nature and culture. They deserve some extra love and attention. Otherwise, we’ll rush through the beautiful landscape like a whirlwind, with all the consequences that entails. We don’t want that! The flora and fauna must be preserved, and we must treat the local population with respect. We are allergic to exploitation, such as visiting schools, orphanages, or slums!

What you can do

Travelling and leaving a positive impression – isn’t that what we all want? But sometimes, in the forest of sustainable travel options, it’s easy to get lost and not know where to start. With the following adjustments, you can already make a significant impact!

Choose a different route

Why always go for the standard highlights and Instagram-worthy spots? There are so many other beautiful places to discover that haven’t been overrun by tourists. Expand your horizons, choose a different route, and create your own unique experience. Avoiding crowds also helps combat mass tourism.

Take a different path, have experiences different from others, be unique. This helps us counteract mass tourism. Instead of choosing the Mara and Serengeti, consider visiting other parks. Give yourself the opportunity to truly enjoy nature without standing in line for a glimpse of a lion.

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Sleep with locals or eco-friendly accommodation

Opt for accommodations owned by the local population to ensure your money goes to the right place and has a positive impact!

In our proposal, we clearly show you which accommodations are owned by the local population and how eco-friendly they are. No hassle with endless searching; we’ve already done the hard work for you. All you have to do is make the right choice! With your choice, you not only support local communities but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious travel experience.

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What we do

We’ve already explained above what you can do to travel more responsibly, but of course, as the organising travel agency, we also play a significant role in this. Below, we briefly explain what we do – or have already done – to offer our trips as ecologically and responsibly as possible.

No middle-man

Much of our team is based on African soil. We are on the ground and our team designs tailor-made, authentic trips directly from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. With such a solid presence, we have said goodbye to middlemen, and that gives us numerous advantages.

Consider, for example, the direct, personal collaboration with our local partners. This allows us to take a unique position and really add something concrete. We pride ourselves on guarding authenticity and sustainability, while firmly maintaining our partnerships. And best of all? Every euro ends up where it belongs. No money-grubbing middlemen with us!

We do business with local entrepreneurs

Unfortunately, we see it all too often: investments that fly back elsewhere like a boomerang. Many lodges and safari businesses are run by foreign entrepreneurs, which means the revenue leaves the continent again immediately.

But we keep it local and want to reverse that flow! We go all-in with our local heroes. We invest in our own community, so that the money keeps circulating and flows back to the country where it belongs.

On the ground: local employees

Our business is about more than just doing business. With our offices based in Africa, we work with local colleagues. We make sure they are not only paid fairly, but also that we differentiate ourselves by focusing on their happiness and growth. Unlike other African companies, the welfare of our employees is paramount.

As a traveller, you get direct contact with one of our on-the-ground staff after booking your trip. This gives you a direct line to the person who has taken care of your trip down to the last detail. It’s a win-win situation: you happy, they happy!

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Our conclusion

Let’s travel with wise choices and a dose of responsibility. That way, we ensure that our adventure has a positive impact – a win-win situation! Because travelling is not only a treat for you and me, but also for our travel destination. And let’s face it, that’s really travelling in style!

So, join the adventure and let’s make it an unforgettable trip together! It starts with a simple booking and ends with a grin from ear to ear. Will you join us?

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